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Some Glad Morning - Novel

By Gary C. Horton

Some Glad Morning

A Spellbinding Journey!

Trapped on the battlefield and seriously wounded, Pvt. Ransom MacTavish consoles a dying officer by reading to him the letters of his fiancée, Elizabeth, a wealthy Charleston lady.

How far would you go for love?

After the war, although he is penniless, Ransom comes home to South Carolina determined to win Elizabeth’s heart, but soon must compete with a wealthy suitor while evading a lustful widow and a sheriff with a tendency to shoot people.

“Why do I have to work so damn hard just so somebody will love me?”

Ransom’s only hope is the bond of a spirited pregnant teenager and the eccentric wisdom of a crusty Civil War veteran.

Gary C. Horton

A former Army intelligence officer and newspaper columnist, Gary C. Horton's short fiction has been syndicated by The PEN Syndicated Fiction Project, published in the Sacramento Bee, The Village Advocate, and aired on National Public Radio’s The Sound of Writing.

A guiding principle in Mr. Horton’s life and writing was inspired by the late Mel Tolkin, mentor to novelist and television writer Carl Reiner and film producer Mel Brooks. Tolkin taught the only story that mattered was the story of the human condition and what happens in the human heart.

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Some Glad Morning - Novel

Some Glad Morning

How far would you go for love?


I loved this story! It played out as a movie in my mind. I could truly picture each character and was rooting for Ransom and Amelia Rose throughout the book and was a little sad when it ended. Will definitely read more by Gary Horton. Well worth the read!

Linda P. Burke


Above all, Horton excels at vivid renderings of place and people. You can feel the icy mud in the trench in France and see the wounded and stunned Ransom struggle to ease the suffering of the men dying around him.

Jane Ryder


Horton is absolutely artistic, his words paint in a way that stimulates ALL of your senses. His characters spring to life from his very first chapter and take a place in your mind and heart. You KNOW THESE PEOPLE…