A Spellbinding Journey!

Trapped on the battlefield and seriously wounded, Pvt. Ransom MacTavish consoles a dying officer by reading to him the letters of his fiancée, Elizabeth, a wealthy Charleston lady.

Stranded alone when the officer dies, the only comfort Ransom finds is in Elizabeth’s letters. He has never known words so tender.

When the fever of his wounds takes his mind, Ransom dreams of Elizabeth and each day he lives, he lives for her.

How far would you go for love?

After the war, although he is penniless, Ransom comes home to South Carolina determined to win Elizabeth’s heart, but soon must compete with a wealthy suitor while evading a lustful widow and a sheriff with a tendency to shoot people.

“Why do I have to work so damn hard just so somebody will love me?”

Ransom’s only hope is the bond of a spirited pregnant teenager and the eccentric wisdom of a crusty Civil War veteran.